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Gut Restore
Elaine Harrington
Best on the market for your dog’s stomach

We just adopted a two year old border collie/lab mix who had terrible stomach issues. I found Gut Restore on SHOP and I have reordered it twice. This is absolutely the best on the market. I’ve tried everything. I give it to her every day and no further problems.

Gut Restore
Maxine Linton



Organic Beef Pancreas
Connie Kisvardai

I have so much respect for this company. So transparent in the way they conduct themselves, but it is their passion for a quality product and their love of health and vitality for our canine and feline friends that shines through most. My beautiful Border Collie Lexie is proof of thatt. Diagnosed with EPI now relies on great products like Beef Pancreas to assist with supporting her health issues around this disorder. Big thank you for all your hard work to provide the best. In all your range of products.

P.E.A Plus
Absolutely incredible

We are so happy to have found this product. Our whippet Mimi was struggling for 8+ with painful, red, inflamed and itchy paws which numerous vets couldn’t help her with and gave her creams that stung her paws and she hated. We came across this and 1 week of using it has made the biggest difference! She is no longer licking her paws and they’re not red and inflamed, she also seems less lethargic and down. Thank you for making this incredible product! We’ve attached a photo of 1 week difference from using the PEA supplement.

Seeing no changes

Been using bundle for allergies and colostrum unfortunately seen no changes in my dog. For this reason I wont be buying the products anymore

Great product and so much care taken in the order and fulfilment process by Narelle! Couldn’t recommend more highly!

Gut Protect
Jacob Littlejohn

An absolutely fantastic product! The digestive enzymes really help us get the most out of raw feeding.

Gut Restore
Rebecca Willis
Reflux and bad breath

Our 6 year old GST has struggled with gut health since a puppy. We have spent years restoring her gut health and with the help of a holistic vet improved chronic diarrhoea and vomiting. The one issue I haven’t been able to improve is reflux and bad bad breath. My vet recommended digestive enzymes but I wanted to ensure I was choosing the right product.
The team were so helpful in recommending Gut Restore with lots of information.
We did 2 rounds of this product and her breath has improved significantly and reflux has reduced and doesn’t seem to bother her daily. The constant mouth licking and burping has all but stopped and she rests so much better.
I highly recommend and we will be moving onto Gut Protect for a few months to see if this continues to assist.

Thanks Narelle and team!

Gut Protect
Kelly Perkowicz
Gut protect

Great products n service! Narelle is awesome.
i bought the pure sb to begin with as my dog had yeast over growth then put her onto the gut protect to help keep everything correct. Yeast has gone n I will keep them on the gut protect now for the long term.

PEA plus

I have had my 10 year old staffy on this (and brain fuel) for over a month now! I went away for 2 weeks and came back (at a month on it) and I actually can’t believe the difference in her! She has severe arthritis in her hips and spondylosis in her spine! When I got back from my trip - she is now bouncing around! And we are struggling to stop her over doing it!!! I got this to try and keep her off pain meds as long as possible! So happy with results so far!

Brain fuel

I got this for my 10 year old staffy - I am wanting to help her as much as I can in preventing doggy dementia as she gets older (my old boy had it and it was so sad to watch! I wish I knew about CC when he was with us!)

Milk thistle

Milk thistle is just what I need for my boy undergoing chemo- liver support from a good quality product!

Pure turkey Tail

It’s easy to dispense, the dogs eat it!!
My boy was recommended this as he has metastatic mast cell tumour, so hopefully it can help support him / make a difference!

Yes! Dental care

We are so glad for this and Canine Ceuticals products. Definitely helps and best of all it’s all natural.

Organic Organ Blend
Connie Kisvardai

We travel a lot with our gorgeous dog who is on a raw food diet. It is easy to obtain fresh veggies, human grade meat, fish, fruit, seeds , herbs. etc on the go. Organ meat is not that easy to find. That’s where I use Organ Blend. So healthy and convenient to add to my dogs meals to keep her diet balanced on the go without having to resort to kibble. Thanks CanineCeuriclee.

P.E.A Plus
eileen mitchell
starting from scratch

I have been using the P.E.A and the Gut restore for about 4 weeks now. Koda suffers from itchy skin and gut issues. After couple of weeks i started to see changes in her bowel movements they are really great now,her itching has decreased and i am also using shampoos and natural sprays to help. I will keep using these products and will change to gut protect when i finish this tub. Very Happy.

Made a huge difference to my 10 year old staffy that has severe arthritis in her hips and spondylosis in her spine! I’m trying to keep her off pain meds as long as i can and this is helping do that!!

P.E.A Plus

10 stars! Amazing product, great customer service and importantly well researched!

Gut Restore
Great products, fantastic service and advice!

Canine ceuticals is always a statement in our household. Whether you're feeding fresh, hybrid or commercial food, their supplements are quality additions to your pets diet and wellbeing. Gut restore has been supportive in helping my staffy girls sensitive gut following a very stressful obstruction. Narelle and the team were timely, friendly and very informative in giving advice on the product. It was tailored to us personally.

Literally the ONLY thing I could say negative is the packaging products arrive in. It's incredibly unsustainable with foam noodles. Because the products aren't classed as fragile I'm not sure why these are included, and they become a big risk in my household when my girl HAS to help open any package, lol.

Otherwise, fantastic company and will continue recommending their products to my circle!

Great to add to home made diets if you are squeamish with raw offal or can’t source fresh through a butcher.

I’ve been using this for my 10 year old Spoodle who has skin sensitivity and environmental allergies. Has helped a lot with reducing licking of paws.

Excellent product for my two dogs!

Pure Lion's Mane
Joe Mandarino
Have tried many different supplements, this one is the one for my princess!

We have a 10 year old border collie who like most working dogs has run, jumped and twisted herself into the worst positions possible in her younger years.
Have tried different supplements to help her with arthritis and other muscular issues to no avail.
Pure Lions Mane extract is the only one that we can see has helped her.
She moves a lot more freely and definitely has more energy.
We are only into our 5/6 week and will definitely be ordering another supply soon. Thankyou for producing a natural product that does the job, in light of the craziness of the last few years, there is no doubt in my mind that nature has the answers to our animals ailments and ours. We need look no further.

Gut Protect
Jessica Van Linden
Great product!!

I have been giving it to my GSD to support her Irritable Bowel issues and pancreas and allergies. She has been on gut protect for several months now and her stools are now staying solid and her energy and vitality have returned!