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Gut Restore

This product is definitely a reason in the improvement of my pups gut health.

Collagen Forte
Collagen Forte

Collagen Forte has helped my girl tremendously where she is now doing a lot more zoomies (more than I would like!) I have found this is helping her with her mobility. So glad that I’ve found this product ☺️

P.E.A Plus
Mary Kilic
Love P.E.A 👍💯👌

I have a white Frenchie and he is known for his notoriously sensitive skin and all kinds of allergies u could possibly think of. I was recommended this product by a friend and I couldn’t believe the complete change and improvement, no more licking or scratching it worked so fast. He is 4 years old now and I just discovered pea a few months ago, i wish I had discovered this product earlier it’s such an amazing product I love it and by the looks of it so does my Frenchie 😄

P.E.A Plus
Rachael Wake

Great improvement for my itchy GSD, you need to give it time to start working!

Gut Protect
Lesley King
Excellent for sensitive tummies

I use this everyday for my girls and it works very well. Especially little Missy who has always had tummy issues. She's so much better since starting on the Gut Protect

P.E.A Plus

I love that it's so easy for my dogs to take. Just a sprinkle on their food and they gobble it up (smells like chicken stock). It really seems to be helping our pups too.

Pure SB

Awesome company to deal with. And so helpful on the phone and a very easy to navigate website.


Can’t believe the results on my GSD! We are well on our way to having her allergies under control (for the first time in 4 years!) thanks to healing her gut using Gut Protect.

Gut Restore
Jennifer Nicholls

Narelle is incredibly helpful tailoring what product suit your dogs specific needs. We especially love the GUT RESTORE formula. Having a Lab, we find it very helpful always having some on hand! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Happy tummy happy puppy

I’m glad I find this product. My poodle had sensitive stomach. He had loose bowel on and off for years. Gut Protect made our life so much easier. He hardly have the issues any more. Tummy is happy, Puppy is happy and Mummy is very happy.

Excellent product for when my greyhound needs a boost for his sensitive gut.

Organic Organ Blend
Les Laughlin

Organic Organ Blend

Gut Protect
Lyndsey h.
Game changer

I cannot tell you how much this product has helped our beautiful Mylah. Mylah had come to us as an older girl, she'd changed homes a few times and we didn't really know what she'd been fed or what her normal was. When she came to us she had loose stools and was a little underweight. We tried lots of different things to assist her and nothing gave us the relief gut protect has. We can now feed her anything and her stools are wonderfully formed and she's gained some weight.
This product is a game changer!

Magic of mushrooms

I'd never heard of lions mane but when i read the brief on the product website i thought i would give it a try.
Have been using it for my 2yr old Kelpie daily now for 5 weeks in combination with other therapies & behaviour management techniques.
'am relived to gradually see his general anxiety levels drop in a lot of situations that previously would have sent him over the threshold. Will definitely continue using this natural remedy since I've not observed positive behaviour changes like these with any of the other gazillion remedies I've tried in the past.

Pure SB
Rheana Nation
Gut and High Doses of Antibiotics - Pure SB Works

After my dog sustained a serious injury after an off-lead dog attack, that required surgery. I reached out to Narelle asking for advice relating to the high doses of antibiotics my dog had to take due to a serious infection due to the bite.

This product was fantastic in maintaining my dog's gut health along with several other Canine Ceutical products. Her appetite and bowel movements remained fantastic over the long-term use of the antibiotics and healing process.

I certainly highly recommend it if your dog has to take antibiotics for whatever reason.

Mushroom Elixir
Lisa Raymont
Excellent product

Great product, very happy with it

Gut Protect

This product has been amazing for my Lab. Her stomach had been a bit of for a few weeks, runny poos at times, random vomits, and loads of farting. I have been adding this to dinner for approximately 4 weeks and her gut is in a much better position now.

Pure Milk Thistle
Shawna Miller
High quality products

So glad there are Australian made high quality supplements available by this company. We started feeding raw food to our dogs and needed a replacement for calcium and found this brand which does so many high quality supplements if we are ever in need of a replacement we know where to go. Currently our dogs are taking the p.e.a supplement and colostrum for her allergies and my other dog is taking collagen for her arthritis. They are both doing well and we are so happy with these products. We added milk thistle to their diets as one has had chemo and the other takes some pain meds for her arthritis. Very happy with these supplements and our dogs good health is a direct result.

Comprehensive Consultation

Narelle and the team have been great helping me with my dog Squeak. Squeak is 17 years old and has been diagnosed with cushings. I had an email consulations and they have made up a special mix just for Squeak to take; in addition they supplied a comprehensive treatment plan for him, using his current medication and recommended other supplements for him to take.
They have been very helpful and so far Squeak is doing okay, considering his age. Will definitely continue on with their supplements as long as necessary.

Antinol Rapid
We love Antinol

We finally got to try antinol for ourselves and noticed a difference in just a few days. Our dogs are raw fed but this supplement made their coats soooo much softer! It’s been fantastic.

Best stuff ever

I bought the Stress Reduction Care pack as the Vet had put my 12 year old puppy on anti-depressants as he was getting separation anxiety and becoming a howling (as he is a Beagle) and quivering mess. The medication from the Vet made him very lethargic, of which the Vet had explained to me, as it mutes both good and bad feelings :-(.
I wasn’t happy with this as I ended up with a zombie like dog. I was directed to Canine Ceuticals from a friend and after a couple of weeks on the Stress Reduction Care I have my normal puppy back - less the quivering mess (sadly doesn’t help the howling - LOL) But at the end of the day I have my normal doggy. I highly recommend giving it a try, as far as I am concerned ‘Best stuff ever’.
Also it may seem expensive but in a month I have used less than quarter of the bottles - this still makes it lower costing than the Vet would have been for me...(not saying you shouldn’t go to the Vet though if needed - just a different option).
One last point on this, the team at Canine Ceuticals have not hounded me with emails or span for buying more - only a follow up to say we are here if you need us which came just after my products arrived. Thank you to the team for that :-)

Replace A Bone is a good calcium supplement for dogs

Good calcium supplement for dogs.
I noticed that the bones we were giving our dog were giving her wind.
Sometimes she would throw up afterwards.
I worked out that it was because they had been in bleach.
I needed a calcium supplement which was bone based and not vegetable based.
Dogs can’t digest fruit and vegetables very well, they do better on meat and bone.
Ours was particularly sensitive.
Replace A Bone does this job very well.
We also give her psyllium which keeps everything moving.
We just give her 1 tsp of Replace A Bone a day.
No more wind.
Here is my 16 year old dog with the usual worried expression on her face. ‘Mummy why are you taking photos of me? I don’t like it.’ I am showing the nice people how this product has made you well. 😂

Collagen Forte
Glenene Keating
Perfect product

Having a 6 yr and 2 yr Rottweiler s, the collagen powder has made our 6 yr old so much happier, she can now keep up with her cheeky younger brother. Happy days 😁🐶

Organic Beef Spleen
Terri Pinney
Beef spleen

Great product and dogs find it very palatable

No more anxiety meds

My Am Staf had a rough start to life, which left her with some anxiety. I wanted to try this out in conjunction with her meds not thinking it would be able to replace them. Our vet has now slowly weened her off them and she is doing incredibly now, so much more calm and happy.