CanineCeuticals provides a premium, human-grade supplement range for dogs and cats.

We fuse ancient traditional medicine with the latest scientific evidence to create the most effective health solutions for your pet.

Created by Narelle Cooke, an accredited Clinical Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist, CanineCeuticals offers a more holistic approach to supporting the core health of your animal companion to ensure they receive the best health outcome possible.

My Own Dog Health Scare

Ladybug - CanineCeuticals

If anyone has ever watched any of my videos, you may have seen a guest appearance from my vivacious pocket rocket French Bulldog, Ladybug.

One morning, I woke up to find Bug paralysed from the waist down. She was incredibly distressed, dragging her back legs behind her, confused and disoriented. It was a horrifying thing to wake up to.

Rushing Bug to an emergency vet for surgery was honestly one of the most stressful and emotional moments I’ve had as a pet parent. The panic, the fear…even the guilt I felt that Bug was going through such a traumatic experience on her own, as this was during COVID and I wasn’t allowed into the vets with her...

And then the vet gave me one of two options: operate on Bug, with a 50 to 70% chance on how successful the surgery was; or put her to sleep whilst she wasn’t feeling any actual pain.

It was a horrific choice to make, but I ultimately chose surgery. As there was so much uncertainty, I didn’t want to prematurely decide Bug’s fate. I wanted to give her every opportunity to regain her quality of life.

Bug was in hospital for two weeks, as she had decompression surgery between T13 and L3 of the spine. When my partner and I picked her up, she still couldn’t walk at all.It was pretty hard not to burst into tears at the sight of a much thinner, now incontinent Bug struggling to walk. But despite this, she was still so incredibly excited to see my partner and I, dragging herself over to us with so much enthusiasm.

Despite everything she was going through, she still hadn't lost her spirit.

Ladybug - CanineCeuticals
Ladybug - CanineCeuticals
Ladybug - CanineCeuticals

The next couple of months were still incredibly overwhelming. There were so many appointments for Bug and supplements to support her recovery, plus juggling my responsibility to my 4 other dogs and running my business at the same time. It was very much a case of “do what needed to be done” to help Bug on her road to recovering her health.

But with support from pet professionals such as Dr Jane Rickard and Neil Barnsley, lots of physiotherapy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, a diet focused on supporting her internal health, and a whole heap of devotion, Bug eventually did regain use of her legs.

From this experience and Bug’s recovery, I learnt so much. Not only from my personal research on what supplements would help Bug, but also about myself too. 

I learnt about the depth of devotion people feel for their dogs. I learnt about all the emotions involved when it comes to our dogs’ health. I learnt about the quality of care needed to help dogs in these darkest moments, and I learnt the importance of leaning on others for help in finding solutions too.

With her bright eyes and her passion for life, Bug inspires me each and every day. And now, I want to help support other pet parents. 

Whether your dog is currently experiencing their own health crisis or you simply want to be proactive in protecting their wellbeing, my goal is to offer you the practical solutions and education to ensure your canine companion has the greatest quality of life possible.

Ladybug - CanineCeuticals
Ladybug - CanineCeuticals

If you’d like to listen to our podcast episode, where we talk about what happened with Ladybug then listen here.

  • Human-focused studies

    • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
    • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy
    • Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine
    • Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine
    • Diploma of Training Design and Development
    • Certificate IV in Assessment and Training
  • Animal-focused studies

    • Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hons) (The University of Melbourne)
    • Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training (NDTF)
    • Certificate in Animal Health Science (CIVT)
    • Certificate in Natural Animal Nutrition (CIVT)
    • Certificate in Animal Nutrition (HATO)

The Inspiration Behind CanineCeuticals

As you can gather, I love to immerse myself in the world of animal health. But much more than that, the drive behind everything we do at CanineCeuticals is because as a pet parent myself, I know our pets deserve better.

In the past, I’ve been increasingly disappointed with the products available on the market, which are often made with inferior ingredients as well as artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Eventually, I decided enough was enough.

Our animal companions deserve to live enriching, fulfilling lives of happiness and health - and these products simply fail to offer this.  

Working as a clinical Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist for human clients for many years, it also became apparent to me that our pets were suffering from many of the same lifestyle diseases as us. Health concerns like allergies and food intolerances, overweight and obesity, kidney and liver disease, stress and anxiety, osteoarthritis, dermatitis, reduced immune function and even cancer. 

But unlike the human treatments available, I found that high-quality holistic approaches for dog health were severely lacking, and so I made it my mission to address this gap…which was how CanineCeuticals was born.

The Change from Human to Animal Clients - CanineCeuticals

The Change from Human to Animal Clients

With a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (with honours) from the University of Melbourne, I worked for over a decade as a Research Pathologist before moving into the field of Regulatory Affairs for a global pharmaceutical company.

It was in these roles that I gained a deep, first-hand understanding of the effect that pathogens, environmental toxins and food production techniques have on our food, our bodies and consequently - our health.

It was this knowledge that led me to complete additional qualifications in Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine and Western Herbal Medicine, including a Bachelor of Health Science, and to begin my journey as a natural healthcare practitioner for both people and pets.

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Our Values

A vision to empower

A vision to empower

We are here to support the core health of dogs and cats across all life stages by creating evidenced-based natural healthcare products you can trust. We aim to improve your pet’s quality of life by empowering you to make knowledgeable decisions about your pet's health.

total transparency

Total transparency

We pride ourselves on being fully transparent as to the ingredients used in our formulas. We believe it's your right to know exactly what's in the product you're giving your pet; which is why we disclose every ingredient, every time.

Nature and science

Nature and science

All of our products are formulated based on a fusion of ancient traditional use and the latest scientific evidence, to ensure your pet is receiving the most effective health solution for their needs.

Quality counts

Quality counts

Every ingredient in a CanineCeuticals product is guaranteed to meet the most stringent human-grade standards. We promise to never sacrifice quality to save on costs, because we believe your pet deserves only the best.

We are here to help

We are here to help

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