Follow-Up Consultation


Follow-Up Consultations are likewise available via email, phone, or zoom, based on your preference. This service is only available to those who have already received an Initial Consultation.

Those who will benefit from Follow-Up Consultations will be pet owners that require ongoing personalised support over an extended period of time.

Follow-Up Consultations also allow for careful monitoring of your dog’s treatment plan. It enables you to provide valuable feedback to us on how your dog is responding to recommended treatments, and also gives you the opportunity to ask any additional questions that may have come up since starting the treatment plan.

Likewise, these appointments permit us to make any adjustments to your recommended treatment plan to ensure that your dog is achieving the best possible health outcomes.

For new clients, we would always recommend the first Follow-Up Consultation be booked no later than 8 weeks after the Initial Consultation. From there, the timing of any subsequent Follow-Up appointments will depend on your dog’s health needs and the degree of responsiveness to treatment.

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