We know it’s no light decision, deciding who to trust with your animal companion’s health and happiness.

So why should you turn to CanineCeuticals? We’re glad you asked.

Our Ingredients

All of our products are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, with no fillers included anywhere. We only use human-grade ingredients, sourced locally in Australia wherever possible.

Our Expertise

Founded by Narelle Cooke, an accredited Clinical Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist, CanineCeuticals products are formed from extensive research, education and testing - combining the best of science and nature.

Our Range

Our range tackles the A-Z of pet wellbeing: with products targeting everything from allergies and anxiety, to raw feeding and weight loss. Equally, a number of our products aid multiple areas of pet wellbeing, making them both practical and economical

Trusted by Vets Across Australia

We are incredibly proud to have such an extensive list of Vet Partners across Australia.

Dr Isabel Ling, Mobile Vet

Holistic Vets Newcastle

Move Unleashed

Nelson Bay Veterinary Clinic

Noah's Ark Veterinary Services

Holistic Paws

Anomalia Veterinary Services

Canine Hydro

Geelong Creature's Comfort

Melbourne Veterinary Acupuncture

Mont Albert Veterinary Surgery

Vet 2 Pet Mobile Veterinary Services


Inspired to Make a Difference

If you’ve had a look at Our Story, you’ll already know that I too experienced a health scare with my French Bulldog, Ladybug.

The emotional rollercoaster and journey to Ladybug’s recovery taught me a lot about the depth of devotion pet parents have for their canine companions.

That’s why today, I am so inspired to help people and their pets. Whether that’s by supporting you with your dog’s current health concerns, suggesting proactive supplementation treatments to protect their wellbeing, or simply sharing some free education so you can better support their quality of life.

Our goal here at CanineCeuticals is to empower you with the practical tools and expert knowledge to make a difference in your dog’s wellbeing.


  • My dog loves the product, and although only been using for a short time I have noticed a difference in his energy levels and mobility. Love the product and will continue using and recommend to others. Amazing customer service and knowledgeable assistance, fast and easy delivery and ordering process. All round 100% amazing. Thank you to Narelle and her team for providing the best products and service.
  • My 3 1/2 year old German Shepherd had a ravenous appetite until he was 9mths old, then he had major surgery for intestinal blockage. After that he had poor appetite, struggled to gain weight and generally just wasn't interested in food. I had to coax him to eat every night. I tried other supplements and probiotics but nothing helped The combination of Gut Protect and Bone Broth has returned his appetite, he is bouncing around for his meals and eaten every meal and licked his bowl clean for 4mths now and has gained weight. It also helps my 5 1/2 year old Cocker Spaniel with her anal glands. Gut Protect and Bone Broth are permanent additions to their diet now. That tongue just says it all.
  • I’m glad I find this product. My poodle had sensitive stomach. He had loose bowel on and off for years. Gut Protect made our life so much easier. He hardly have the issues any more. Tummy is happy, Puppy is happy and Mummy is very happy.
  • Lisa Wray
  • Sheryl Earle
  • Yuki
We are here to help

We are here to help

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