Digestive Health and Anxiety

A presentation for pet parents devoted to their dog’s health and wellbeing


Zoom, virtual Session


Tues Jan 30, 2024
11:00 am AEDT


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About This Webinar

Join veterinarian Dr Nicole Rous from Shy Tiger and naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist Narelle Cooke from CanineCeuticals for a highly educational webinar on Digestive Health and Anxiety. 

In this presentation, Dr Nicole and Narelle will discuss the link between gut health and behaviour in dogs, in addition to the gut-brain axis (what is it and why it matters), the influence of the microbiome on health and behaviour, the key triggers of digestive issues in dogs and holistic treatment approaches for supporting your dog’s gut health as well as reducing their anxiety.

By the end of this webinar you will:

  • Have a better understanding of the connection between gut health and behaviour, with a particular focus on anxiety.
  • Learn what the most common causes of poor gut health are for our dogs, along with strategies that you can take to resolve them.
  • Understand what anxiety looks like and learn some of the holistic approaches to reduce stress and anxiety in our dogs.

And at the end, there will be a special offer exclusive to our webinar attendees.

So if you’re interested in learning more about your dog’s internal health, as well as receiving practical tips that you can action the very next day… this webinar is ideal for you.

About Your Hosts

Dr. Nicole Rous, Veterinarian

Dr. Nicole Rous, Veterinarian

Nicole Rous, is a dedicated and experienced integrative veterinarian with a career spanning 15 years. As the proud owner of Mont Albert Veterinary Surgery, Nicole has become a respected figure in the field, seamlessly blending conventional and alternative approaches to animal healthcare.

Nicole's journey into veterinary medicine began with a solid foundation in science, having earned a science degree before embarking on her veterinary studies. Over the years, Nicole has honed her skills and expertise in integrative veterinary care, offering a holistic approach that combines traditional veterinary medicine with alternative therapies. 

In addition to her role as a veterinarian and clinic owner, Nicole is a co-founder of Shy Tiger, a natural health and lifestyle brand specifically designed for pets. Nicole's passion for holistic pet care is further exemplified by her additional certifications in animal aromatherapy and natural animal nutrition. These credentials underscore her commitment to providing comprehensive and tailored solutions for the diverse needs of her patients.

Narelle Cooke, Naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist

Narelle Cooke is a degree qualified clinical naturopath, nutritionist, and herbalist for both people and pets based in Sydney Australia. Narelle is also the founder and Managing Director of the nutritional supplement range CanineCeuticals.

Narelle began her career 25 years ago as a research pathologist in the agricultural industry, before moving on to work as a Regulatory Affairs Associate for an international agrochemical company. During this time Narelle developed a deep, first-hand understanding of the effect that pathogens and environmental toxins have on our food, our bodies and consequently, our health.  It was this knowledge that motivated Narelle to commence her studies in natural medicine.

Being a lifelong dog-owner and currently meeting the demands of three French Bulldogs, a German Shepherd, a Rottweiler and a Burmese cat, Narelle is as passionate about the health and wellbeing of our pets as she is about their owners. And it was this strong desire to see her own pets live their longest and best lives that led her to hours of additional study and formal qualifications in natural animal health and nutrition. 

Narelle is now passionate about educating both pet owners and industry professionals about the importance of nutrition, and how we can no longer ignore how the relationship between food and the body is affecting the health and behaviour of our dogs.

Narelle Cooke, Naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist

A recording of the presentation will be made available for 48 hours after the event if you are unable to attend the live webinar.